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Steve Truisi

Steve has been playing for over 40 years starting in high school - backing the choruses and ensembles and playing out locally. He eventually got into road work touring the North East with bands out of New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio before relocating to Los Angeles to study at B.I.T.Musicians Institute.

While in L.A., he performed in a lot of the local clubs, did studio session work and started touring with original/cover band "Cross Tie Walkers".


Steve eventually returned to Buffalo and started teaching locally at some of the area music stores. Initially, he joined local bands Brittany and the J.C. Thompson Band. After working with bands D.D.'s Ranch and 3D in the early 2000's, he started working with Total Eclipse and JoyRyde. He's now playing with ASP and Tequila Sunrisalong with filling in for some other great bands. 

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